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Alcohol in UK television programmes

Cranwell, J.


Project: Other

Investigating the role of advanced glycation end product on vascular contractility

Smirnov, S., El-bassossy, H. M., Eid, B. G. & Balamash, K.


Project: Other

Smoking in UK television programmes

Cranwell, J.


Project: Other

Minjiang Scholars Programme Award

Su, X.


Project: Other

Economic Security Project

Pearce, N.

Hopewell Fund


Project: Other

50th Anniversary Overseas Research Excellence Studentship

Cameron, P. & Liang, X.


Project: Other

IMI Secondment

St Clair, M.


Project: Other

Resolving the possible off-axis jet of PTF11qcj (VLA/18B-119)

Palliyaguru, N. & Van Eerten, H.


Project: Other

The Örenäs Research Group

Harris, M.

1/01/15 → …

Project: Other

Global Chairs 2016-17

Liptrot, D. & Power, P.


Project: Other

Maternity leave uptake in the UK academia

Clifton-Sprigg, J., Fichera, E. & Bejenariu Tudor, S.


Project: Other

GW4: GW4 Pay Equality Research Consortium

Milner, S.


Project: Other

A year in the life of GW170817 (NASA/CXO 20500691)

Troja, E. & Van Eerten, H.


Project: Other

Memory information and brand quality perceptions

Simonyan, Y. & Goldstein, D.

1/07/09 → …

Project: Other

6-05-1019: Neutron scattering experiment on non-linear optical materials

Klee, B., Pilgrim, W., Zeidler, A. & Paulus, B.


Project: Other

'Careers in the city'

Kennedy, J., Tams, S., Arthur, M. B. & Chan, K. Y.

6/11/17 → …

Project: Other

Collaboration between Chris Brace and Bath IMI

Brace, C., Wilson, L., Budd, C. & Giles, K.


Project: Other

ATCA Follow-up of NS mergers from LIGO/Virgo in O3 (2019OCT, C3322)

Laskar, T., Van Eerten, H., Mundell, C., Schady, P., Alexander, K. D., Bhandari, S., Chornock, R., Coppejans, D. L., Blanchard, P. K., Berger, E., Cowperthwaite, P. S., Duffell, P. C., Eftekhari, T., Fong, W. F., Gomez, S., Hajela, A., Hosseinzadeh, G., MacFadyen, A., Margutti, R., Metzger, B. D., Nicholl, M., Paterson, K., Schroeder, G., Terreran, G., Villar, V. A., Williams, P. K. G. & Xie, X.


Project: Other

Covid-19 modelling and simulation studies

Vasilakis, C. & Wood, R.

16/03/20 → …

Project: Other