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From functional models of operator theory to materials science: new vistas through Bath-UNAM partnership

Cherednichenko, K., Spence, E., Silva, L. O., Ballesteros, M. & Kiselev, A.


Project: Research-related funding

Pall Mall Masterclasses and Policy Engagement

Pearce, N.


Project: Research-related funding

Internationalising the Curriculum: South African perspectives

Hordern, J., Lauder, H., Allais, S., Shalem, Y., Hoadley, U. & Muller, J.


Project: Other

Paediatric pain and autism

Jordan, A.

Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust


Project: Central government, health and local authorities

Time for teachers: professional response-ability in an accelerated society

McIntosh, S., Bagge Koushalt, K., Kragh Blume Dahl, K., Linde Mathieson, N. & Tian, M.


Project: Research-related funding


IAA – EcoDesk

Parsons, S., Davidson, M. & Maltby, K.

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council


Project: Research council

International Funding (Adding value to existing partnerships) 2019

James, T. & Bull, S.


Project: Research-related funding

Exploring flourishing in adolescents with chronic pain and their parents.

Jordan, A., McParland, J., Halligan, S. & Goubert, L.


Project: UK charity

Design and production of high pressure test rig for thin walled cooling pipes with Swagelok (CMS funding)

Lunt, A., Onnela, A., Daugin, J., Chu, A., Harvey, L. & Wilson, S.

24/01/20 → …

Project: UK industry

International research network for the prevention of Child Abuse with Technology (netCAT)

Hamilton-Giachritsis, C., Jonsson, L., Wells, M., Mitchell, K., Joleby, M. & Quayle, E.


Project: Research-related funding

CR@B seedcorn funding

Jungwirth, U.


Project: Other

Enhanced Low Cost Automation Technology (ELCAT)

Keogh, P. & Wang, Z.

Innovate UK


Project: Central government, health and local authorities

Retrieving data. Wait for a few seconds, then try cutting or copying again.

Dumergue, S., MacNeil, I., Wilson, J. & Wilde, N.


Project: Other

Partiicpatory film and conservation in Cambodia

Manning, P.



Project: Research council

Integrating Climate Change Teaching in the Curriculum

Hatzisavvidou, S. & Huitric, M.


Project: Other

Dynamic coalescent models with seedbanks

Kyprianou, A., Rogers, T., Siri-Jégousse, A. & Velasco, L. P.


Project: Research-related funding

Civic and Intercultural Competencies at School

Donnelly, M., Sandoval Hernandez, A., Davies, J., Isac, M. M. & Claes, E.


Project: Research-related funding

Human Resource Practices, Employee Fairness Perceptions and Well-Being

Haines , V., Guerrero , S., Marchand , A., Rofcanin, Y. & Patient , D.


Project: Other

Utility of a Self-monitoring smartphone platform in the management of axSpA

Rouse, P., Cazzola, D., Jones, S. & Sengupta, R.


Project: Research-related funding

GW4 Generator Fund: Moving through Motherhood

Pulsford, R., Rouse, P., Foster, C., Salmon, V., Rodgers, L. & Morgan, K.


Project: Research-related funding

KTP with CheckRisk Management Services Ltd

Dimov, D. & Hinvest, N.

Innovate UK


Project: Central government, health and local authorities