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Valuing Digital Knowledge Assets within the High-Value Manufacturing Catapult

Gopsill, J.


Project: Research council

Understanding and Preventing Prison Homicide

Gooch, K.


Project: Central government, health and local authorities

ATCA Follow-up of NS mergers from LIGO/Virgo in O3 (2019OCT, C3322)

Laskar, T., Van Eerten, H., Mundell, C., Schady, P., Alexander, K. D., Bhandari, S., Chornock, R., Coppejans, D. L., Blanchard, P. K., Berger, E., Cowperthwaite, P. S., Duffell, P. C., Eftekhari, T., Fong, W. F., Gomez, S., Hajela, A., Hosseinzadeh, G., MacFadyen, A., Margutti, R., Metzger, B. D., Nicholl, M., Paterson, K., Schroeder, G., Terreran, G., Villar, V. A., Williams, P. K. G. & Xie, X.


Project: Other

CONFAP - CNPq The UK Academies

Codinhoto, R.


Project: Research council

Fouling mitigation by exploiting unsteady flows in gas turbine

Carnevale, M. & Pinelli, M.


Project: Research-related funding

The Bath - Max Planck connection: from stellar explosions to galactic star formation and enrichment

Wuyts, S., Schady, P., Van Eerten, H., Avery, C., Easeman, B., Bertemes, C., Ayache, E., Förster schreiber, N. M., Genzel, R., Yates, R., Burgess, J. M., Greiner, J., Chen, J. & Burkert, A.


Project: Research-related funding

GW4-PATH: Perception and Attitudes of Technologies for Healthcare

Lasseter, G., Choi, H., Colyer, S., Grant, S., Pickles, T., Sauchelli, S., Sherlock, B., Voinescu, A. & Zhang, J.


Project: Research-related funding

High Speed Hydraulic Valves for Switched Inertance Hydraulic Converters

Pan, M. & Wiens, T.


Project: Research-related funding

Aging in a networked society: older people, social networks, and wellbeing

Caliandro, A.


Project: Research-related funding

MTG: GW4 Crucible (Leaders in Digital Tecnology) Seed Funding

Ainsworth, B. & Dack, C.


Project: Research-related funding


KTP with Niftylift Limited

Soleimani, M. & Plummer, A.

Innovate UK


Project: Central government, health and local authorities

A study of physics university outreach

Watermeyer, R.


Project: UK charity

Community Pharmacists Role in Preventing Drug Related Deaths

Taylor, D., Scott, J. & Taylor, G.

Pharmacy Research UK


Project: UK charity

The Information Content in Financial Markets

Liu, X. & Xie, R.


Project: Research-related funding

The REACT Study

Bilzon, J., Stathi, A. & Taylor, G.

National Institute for Health Research


Project: Central government, health and local authorities