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Research council

REACT Play Sandbox - STRAX

Dekoninck, E.



Project: Research council

3 Year Project Studentship

Newman, S. & Nassehi, A.

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council


Project: Research council

Lone Parenthood, Poverty and Child Development

Harkness, S. & Gregg, P.

Economic and Social Research Council


Project: Research council

The Avon Network for the Promotion of Active Ageing in the Community

Stathi, A., Davis, M. G., Fox, K. R., Gray, S., Judge, K., Lloyd, L., Parkhurst, G. & Thompson, J. L.

Medical Research Council


Project: Research council

L2C: Listening to children: environmental perspectives and the school curriculum

Scott, B., Barratt Hacking, E., Barratt, R. & Dobson, A.


Project: Research council