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Living with uncertainty: A mixed-methods study of symptom perception after pediatric cancer.

Heathcote, L. C., Simons, L., Schulte, F., Jordan, A., Tutelman, P. & Chambers, C.


Project: Research-related funding

FAPESP - Bath Scheme 2018

Brown, N. & Goldmanm, G. H.


Project: Research-related funding

Is democracy overrated? Lower-secondary students’ support for authoritarian governments in Europe and Latin America

Sandoval Hernandez, A., Costas Batlle, I., Isac, M. M., Garcia-Cabrero, B., Treviño, E., Miranda, D. & Melendez, M. T.


Project: Research-related funding

Gender and Political Behaviour

Coffe, H. & Bolzendahl, C.


Project: Research-related funding

GEPP: The Gender Equality in Practice Project

Engeli, I. & Mazur, A.

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Project: Other

Sustainable medicines disposal practices: developing the contribution of social and environmental psychology

Barnett, J., Standage, M., Watkins, S., Lima, M. L., Aragones, J. & Fleury-Bahi, G.


Project: Research-related funding

Remote sensing and disaster management

Giardina, G. & Milillo, P.


Project: Research-related funding

X-ray monitoring of GRB170817A (NASA/CXO 18508587)

Troja, E. & Van Eerten, H.


Project: Other

KTP with Spirent Communications plc

Mitchell, C., Forte, B. & Watson, R.


Project: UK industry

Achieving the Strategic Edge Through People 2040: The Sharing Economy (DHCSTC TIN2.068)

Purser, C., Burrows, J., Yalabik, Z. & Hope Hailey, V.


Project: Research-related funding

Bath Taps Into Science festival

De Groof, V.


Project: UK charity

Festival Of Nature - Bristol

De Groof, V.


Project: UK charity

Look into my eyes

Valev, V.

Science and Technology Facilities Council


Project: Research council

International Research Initiator Scheme

Dawes, J.


Project: Research-related funding