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KTP with Oxford Policy Management Limited (2)

Johnson, S., Copestake, J. & Vujić, S.

Innovate UK


Project: Central government, health and local authorities

Spinning Mesh Disc Reactors

Patterson, D.

European Commission


Project: EU Commission

On-Board Hydrogen Production for Cleaner Vehicles

Eslava, S.

Innovate UK


Project: Central government, health and local authorities

Evaluating the Impact of Smoke-Free England

Gilmore, A., Bauld, L., Judge, K. & Taylor, G.

Department of Health and Social Care


Project: Central government, health and local authorities

JSPS Fellowship for Y.Nagao

Kelsh, R.


Project: Other

Analysis of YAP/TAZ expression during the progression of cancer.

Furutani-Seiki, M.


Project: Research-related funding

Open! - Methods and tools for community-based product development

Bonvoisin, J., Stark, R., Jochem, R., Boujut, J. F., Samuel, K. & Send, H.


Project: Other

Multispectral Synthetic Aperture Sonar Data Products

Hunter, A. & Rymansaib, Z.

Defence Science and Technology Laboratory


Project: Central government, health and local authorities

International Research Accelerator Scheme 2015-2016

Mackenzie, A., Zhang, B., Lou, X., Chen, Z., Bailey, S., Watson, M., Ward, S. & Jones, R.


Project: Research-related funding

Advanced materials for tissue engineering

Scott, J. L., Sharma, R., Ono, B. & Guimarães, F.


Project: Research-related funding

Water and Health Improvements Enabled by Advanced Materials (WHAM)

Di Lorenzo, M., Scott, J. L., Polikarpov, I., Nascimento, A., Galembeck, F., Franco, T., Skaf, M., Bufon, C., Umbuzeiro, G., Mulato, M. & Guimarães, F.


Project: Research-related funding


Walsh, A. & Hill, M.

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council


Project: Research council

Wellcome Trust Biomedical Vacation Scholarship

Mason, J.


Project: UK charity

Biochemical Society Scientific Outreach Grant: Memory Makers

Mason, J.


Project: Research-related funding

“Smart Materials and Molecules for Sustainable Chemical Technologies and Clean Energy”

Hintermair, U., James, T., Bull, S., Islam, S., Hill, M., Kasprzyk-Hordern, B., Marken, F., Squires, A., Kohn, R., Johnson, A., Krewald, V., Düren, T., Eslava, S., White, T. J., Chye, J., Dong, Z., Pumera, M., Su, H. & Chi, R.


Project: Research-related funding

Global Mobility Scheme - Sustainable and Environmental Chemistry and Catalysis

Hill, M. & Chisholm, M.


Project: Research-related funding