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Creating a research agenda: Women, sport, mental health and cultures of safety

Fullagar, S. & Forsdyke, K.


Project: Other

Alcohol Frontiers: Understanding the role of alcohol in post-war transitions

Walton, O., Copestake, J., Bloomfield, M., Townsend, N., Gilmore, A., Karn, S., Lokuge, G. & Subedi, M.


Project: Research-related funding

Evolution and Genomic Basis of Mortality and Senescence

Urrutia, A., Szekely, T., Priest, N., Constable, G., Ovando, D. C., Colchero, F., Gaillard, J. M. & Lemaitre, J.


Project: Research-related funding

Strand 1b Smaller Scale 2017-18

Pelecanos, L. & Soga, K.


Project: Research-related funding

Multilingual Story-Telling by Children for Children

Curdt-Christiansen, X. L. & Huang, J.


Project: Research council

MCC ARCHER time allocation 08/2018

Morgan, B., Squires, A. & O'Rourke, C.


Project: Research-related funding

Resolving the possible off-axis jet of PTF11qcj (VLA/18B-119)

Palliyaguru, N. & Van Eerten, H.


Project: Other

Machining Strategies for Advanced Difficult-to-Machine Material

Shokrani Chaharsooghi, A., Newman, S., Biermann, D., Bergs, T. & Plakhotnik, D.


Project: Research-related funding

AMEN: Addressing Mercury Pollution in Colombia with Natural Fibers

Di Lorenzo, M., Scott, J. L., Zea Ramirez, H. R. & Ramirez Cajiao, M. C.


Project: Research-related funding

The influence of coastal dynamics on sediment oxygen fluxes

Wain, D., Blenkinsopp, C., Bryant, L., Ellis, R. & Reimers, C.


Project: Research-related funding

Nutrition through Modernizing Agriculture in Sri Lanka (INMAS)

Wickramasinghe, K., Townsend, N., Abeykoon, Rajapaksa-Hewageegana, Alagiyawana, Katulanda, P., Kongalaliyanage, Kongalaliyanage, Surenthirakumaran, Arulanandem & Friel, S.


Project: Research-related funding

Machining of Controlled Expansion Alloys

Shokrani Chaharsooghi, A. & De Bartolomeis, A.

Innovate UK


Project: Central government, health and local authorities

ESRC Festival of Social Science

Gearon, A.


Project: Research council

Wellcome Trust Biomedical Vacation Scholarship

Mason, J.


Project: UK charity

Investigation of non-standard angle composite laminate design

Butler, R., Rhead, A., Chuaqui, T. & Colton, J.


Project: Research-related funding

Sustainable Health and Postgraduate Innovation in Paraguay

Milewski, P., Lambert, P., Galeano Rios, C., Priest, N., Vega, J. & Rojas de Arias, A.


Project: Research-related funding

Forging links with EU institutions: Research and impact collaboration with University of Alcala

Iwaniec, J., Ratkaine Jablonkai, R., Halbach, A., Buckingham, L. & Jechimer, E.


Project: Research-related funding

Personalising screw tightness to optimise fracture fixation

Preatoni, E., Fletcher, J. & Gueorguiev, B.


Project: Research-related funding

Strand 1a Larger Scale 2017-18.

Kyprianou, A., Cherednichenko, K., Cox, A., Musso, M., Del Pino, M., Maas, A., Jara, A., Rivero, V. & Benítez, H.


Project: Research-related funding

Revealing the dust-enshrouded nature of star-forming galaxies

Wuyts, S., Villforth, C., Scowcroft, V., Mundell, C., Van Eerten, H., Hao, L., Dai, Y., Zheng, X., Maiolino, R., Huan, L. & Zhang, J.


Project: Research-related funding

Brexit from Afar: Questions, Responses and Effects on Relations with the EU and UK

Garcia, M. & Elijah, A.


Project: Research-related funding

2. Investigation of non-standard angle composite laminate design

Butler, R., Rhead, A., Yu, S. & Colton, J.


Project: Research-related funding