Ting Qiu

Ting Qiu


  • 10 EAST 2.60

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With a BSc in Economics and Management Science (First Class Honours) and an MSc in International Banking and Financial Studies (Distinction) from the University of Southampton, and a PhD in Finance from the University of Nottingham, which I completed with a fully funded scholarship, I am deeply committed to advancing higher-order learning, lifelong skills, and employability in students. My teaching expertise encompasses asset pricing, market liquidity, corporate finance, and accounting education, all enriched by my research interests. Having taught Accounting and Finance courses at Kaplan and Nottingham University Business School (2010-2017), my current role at the University of Bath involves blending theoretical knowledge with practical applications. Recognized for my effective mentorship and innovative teaching methods, I continually strive to inspire a passion for learning and critical thinking in my students, while pursuing professional development to further enhance my impact as an educator.