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  • 2005

    A short gamma-ray burst apparently associated with an elliptical galaxy at redshift z = 0.225

    Gehrels, N., Sarazin, C. L., O'Brien, P. T., Zhang, B., Barbier, L., Barthelmy, S. D., Blustin, A., Burrows, D. N., Cannizzo, J., Cummings, J. R., Goad, M., Holland, S. T., Hurkett, C. P., Kennea, J. A., Levan, A., Markwardt, C. B., Mason, K. O., Meszaros, P., Page, M., Palmer, D. M., & 57 othersRol, E., Sakamoto, T., Willingale, R., Angelini, L., Beardmore, A., Boyd, P. T., Breeveld, A., Campana, S., Chester, M. M., Chincarini, G., Cominsky, L. R., Cusumano, G., de Pasquale, M., Fenimore, E. E., Giommi, P., Gronwall, C., Grupe, D., Hill, J. E., Hinshaw, D., Hjorth, J., Hullinger, D., Hurley, K. C., Klose, S., Kobayashi, S., Kouveliotou, C., Krimm, H. A., Mangano, V., Marshall, F. E., McGowan, K., Moretti, A., Mushotzky, R. F., Nakazawa, K., Norris, J. P., Nousek, J. A., Osborne, J. P., Page, K., Parsons, A. M., Patel, S., Perri, M., Poole, T., Romano, P., Roming, P. W. A., Rosen, S., Sato, G., Schady, P., Smale, A. P., Sollerman, J., Starling, R., Still, M., Suzuki, M., Tagliaferri, G., Takahashi, T., Tashiro, M., Tueller, J., Wells, A. A., White, N. E. & Wijers, R. A. M. J., 6 Oct 2005, In: Nature. 437, p. 851-854 4 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    79 Citations (SciVal)
  • Swift UVOT Detection of GRB 050318

    Still, M., Roming, P. W. A., Mason, K. O., Blustin, A., Boyd, P., Breeveld, A., Brown, P., De Pasquale, M., Gronwall, C., Holland, S. T., Hunsberger, S., Ivanushkina, M., James, C., Landsman, W., McGowan, K., Morgan, A., Poole, T., Rosen, S., Schady, P., Zhang, B., & 10 othersKrimm, H., Sakamoto, T., Giommi, P., Goad, M. R., Mangano, V., Page, K., Perri, M., Burrows, D. N., Gehrels, N. & Nousek, J., 20 Dec 2005, In: Astrophysical Journal. 635, 2, p. 1187-1191 5 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    1 Citation (SciVal)
  • Ultraviolet, Optical, and X-Ray Observations of the Type Ia Supernova 2005am with Swift

    Brown, P. J., Holland, S. T., James, C., Milne, P., Roming, P. W. A., Mason, K. O., Page, K. L., Beardmore, A. P., Burrows, D., Morgan, A., Gronwall, C., Blustin, A. J., Boyd, P., Still, M., Breeveld, A., de Pasquale, M., Hunsberger, S., Ivanushkina, M., Landsman, W., McGowan, K., & 4 othersPoole, T., Rosen, S., Schady, P. & Gehrels, N., 20 Dec 2005, In: Astrophysical Journal. 635, p. 1192-1196 5 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    2 Citations (SciVal)