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Photo of Christine Edmead
Photo of Claire McMullin

Claire McMullin

Person: Researcher, Teaching & Other

No photo of Diana Lednitzky

Diana Lednitzky

Person: Teaching & Other

No photo of Emma Collis

Emma Collis

Person: Researcher

No photo of Filipa Vance

Filipa Vance

Person: Teaching & Other

No photo of Yiming Wang

Yiming Wang

Person: Researcher

Photo of Zhiwei Fan

Zhiwei Fan

Person: Researcher, Doctor of Philosophy

No photo of Emmanuel Musa

Emmanuel Musa

Person: Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Health

No photo of Silke Hofer

Silke Hofer

Person: Doctor of Policy Research and Practice

No photo of Connor Gascoigne

Connor Gascoigne

Person: Doctor of Philosophy, Teaching & Other

No photo of Sarah Elliott
No photo of James Grant
No photo of William Saunders
No photo of Yihan Li

Yihan Li

Person: Doctor of Philosophy

Photo of Elaine Wainwright

Elaine Wainwright

Person: Honorary / Visiting Staff

No photo of Gyles Cozier
No photo of Laurence Lockton

Laurence Lockton

Person: Teaching & Other