Utility of a Self-monitoring smartphone platform in the management of axSpA

Rouse, P., Cazzola, D., Jones, S. & Sengupta, R.


Project: Research-related funding

Internationalising the Curriculum: South African perspectives

Hordern, J., Lauder, H., Allais, S., Shalem, Y., Hoadley, U. & Muller, J.


Project: Other

Social Processes in Evaluation

Maio, G., Wolf, L., Briñol, P., Garcia-Marques, T., Gast, A., Haddock, G., Holland, R., Petty, R., Schneider, I. & Wegener, D.


Project: Research-related funding

Design of New Hydraulic Muscles (Bath International Funding Scheme )

Pan, M., Plummer, A., Bowen, C., Yang, H., Zou, J., Liu, T., Zhang, J. & Wang, P.


Project: Research-related funding

Co-creating resilience in segregated urban communities: Developing arts-based methodologies in Mexico City

Horvath, C., Sandoval Hernandez, A., Macias, I., Lauder, H., Suarez, P. C., Rothe, H. Q., Gasquez, J. L., Viesca, K. V. & Pantoja, M. J.


Project: Research-related funding

Strand 1a Larger Scale 2019

Evans, J., Patterson, E. E., Shepherd, P., Charles, A., Cuminato, J. A. & Buscaglia, G.


Project: Research-related funding

Not started

Bath Global Chair 2020-2021: Prof. Heike Solga

Lauder, H. & Cooke, L. P.


Project: Research-related funding

Global Chairs 2017-18

Pearce, N. & Mitchell, T.


Project: Research-related funding

Contemporary welfare state reforms: social investment strategies and Universal Basic Income schemes in comparative perspective

Pearce, N., Millar, J., Martinelli, L., De Wispelaere, J., Chrisp, J., Abbas, J., Yang, J., Choi, Y. J. & Chung, M.


Project: Research-related funding

Novel Community Approaches to Conflict in Colombia

Marco, J., Galbreath, D., Santos, D., Jimeno, M., Salcedo, A., Bello, M. N. & Arbelaez, C. M.


Project: Other

Multicultural Neurocognitive and Crossmodal Cognition

Proulx, M., de Sousa, A. A., Ismail, Z. & Nakauchi, S.


Project: Research-related funding

Global Chairs 2015-2016

Lauder, H. & Wedel, J.


Project: Research-related funding

3D human body modelling using commodity RGBD cameras

Yang, Y. & Feng, J.


Project: Research-related funding

The fusion of computer vision and computer graphics

Hall, P. & Hu, S.


Project: Other

Global Mobility Scheme - Digital Fluid Power Systems and Fluid-Borne Noise

Johnston, N., Plummer, A., Yang, H. & Pan, M.


Project: Research-related funding