Strand 1b Smaller Scale 2019

James, T., Bull, S., Li, X., Sun, J., Feng, L., Xu, S., Li, M., Pu, K. & Chi, R.


Project: Research-related funding

Beyond the car: Future mobility in Bath

Barnett, J. & Blackwood, L.


Project: Research council

ATCA Follow-up of NS mergers from LIGO/Virgo in O3 (2019OCT, C3322)

Laskar, T., Van Eerten, H., Mundell, C., Schady, P., Alexander, K. D., Bhandari, S., Chornock, R., Coppejans, D. L., Blanchard, P. K., Berger, E., Cowperthwaite, P. S., Duffell, P. C., Eftekhari, T., Fong, W. F., Gomez, S., Hajela, A., Hosseinzadeh, G., MacFadyen, A., Margutti, R., Metzger, B. D., Nicholl, M., Paterson, K., Schroeder, G., Terreran, G., Villar, V. A., Williams, P. K. G. & Xie, X.


Project: Other

Joint research with I. Velčić (University of Zagreb)

Cherednichenko, K. & Velcic, I.


Project: Research-related funding

ARUK network grant

Licchesi, J.

Alzheimer's Research UK


Project: UK charity

Faraday Institution FUSE Summer Internships

Morgan, B. & Islam, M.


Project: Research council

Discretionary Funding 2019

Li, F.


Project: Research-related funding

Inactivity rehabilitation and musculoskeletal modelling of the human body

Cazzola, D., Colyer, S., Cowburn, J., Minetti, A. E. & Pavei, G.


Project: Research-related funding

In-situ reaction monitoring to scale up novel sustainable chemistry

Patterson, E. E., Carbery, D. & Blackmond, D.


Project: Research-related funding

Human Performance Enhancement Via Predictive Simulations: Application To Sprint Running

Cazzola, D., Colyer, S., Salo, A., Haralabidis, N. & Serrancoli, G.


Project: Research-related funding

Linking C3Bio@Bath HIV management biodevice research with USA East Coast globally leading institutions

Estrela, P., Moschou, D., Jolly, P., Tsaloglou, M., Whelan, G. & Dao, M.


Project: Research-related funding

The Bath - Max Planck connection: from stellar explosions to galactic star formation and enrichment

Wuyts, S., Schady, P., Van Eerten, H., Avery, C., Easeman, B., Bertemes, C., Ayache, E., Förster schreiber, N. M., Genzel, R., Yates, R., Burgess, J. M., Greiner, J., Chen, J. & Burkert, A.


Project: Research-related funding

Printed biosensors for sepsis point-of-care diagnostics

Moschou, D., Estrela, P., Zupancic, U., Ingber, D., Henry, O. & Jolly, P.


Project: Research-related funding

VAP photobiomodulation technology concept

Stone, J. & Yerolatsitis, S.



Project: Research council

FAPESP - Bath Scheme 2018

Fotaki, N. & Bou-Chacra, N. A.


Project: Research-related funding

MCC ARCHER time allocation 02/19

Morgan, B., O'Rourke, C., Squires, A. & Dean, J.


Project: Research-related funding

Using realistic review methodology to investigate digital health interventions for managing long-term conditions

Jones, M., Dack, C., Carrier, J., Grant, S., Beneito-Montagut, R., Lane, E., Sparkes, V., Abrahams, R. & Lane, C.


Project: Research-related funding

NCCE - SW Partnership: National Centre for Computing Education - South West Partnership

Hayhoe, S. & Davenport, J.


Project: Central government, health and local authorities