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Is There a Bias against Science in Lay-Conceptions of Creativity? A Cross-Cultural Comparison

Hanel, P., Maio, G., Silva Soares, A. K. & Manstead, A. S. R., 27 Jul 2018, PsyArXiv Preprints.

Research output: Working paper

The Effect of Risk Warning Content for Contract for Difference Products

Mullett, T. L., Smart, L. & Stewart, N., 24 Aug 2018, (Unpublished) p. 1-11, 11 p.

Research output: Working paper


Detecting sinusoidal patterns from circumplex models of psychological constructs

Hanel, P., Zacharopoulos, G., Megadon, G. & Maio, G., 2017.

Research output: Working paper

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Designing sensor sets for capturing energy events in buildings

Lovett, T. R., Gabe-Thomas, E., Natarajan, S., Brown, M. & Padget, J. A., Jan 2014, (Unpublished) 12 p.

Research output: Working paper

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Beyond Nimbyism: Project Summary Report

Devine-Wright, P., Burningham, K., Barnett, J., Devine-Wright, H., Walker, G., Infield, D., Evans, B., Howes, Y., Evans, F. S., Cass, N., Theobald, K., Parks, J., Barton, J., Thrush, D. & Speller, G., 2013, Manchester: School of Environment and Development, University of Manchester.

Research output: Working paper