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OCD and Autism: A clinician's guide to adapting CBT

Russell, A., Jassi, A. & Johnston, K., 21 Jan 2019, Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

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The psychology of attitudes & attitude change

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Typical and Atypical Processing of Gaze

Ashwin, C. & Ricciardelli, P., 28 Oct 2019, Frontiers Media.

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Helping your child with sleep problems: A parent self-help guide

Hiller, R. & Gradisar, M., 5 Jul 2018, London: Little Brown Book Group. 204 p. (Helping Your Child)

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Behavioral Economics

The psychology of habit: Theory, mechanisms, change, and contexts

Verplanken, B., 2018, Cham: Springer. 418 p.

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CBT for Non-cardiac Chest Pain: An Evidence-based Guide

Marks, E., Hunter, M. & Chambers, J., 7 Feb 2017, London, U. K.: Routledge.

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The Wiley Handbook of What works in Child Maltreatment: An evidence-based approach to assessment and intervention in child protection

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The Psychology of Human Values

Maio, G., 19 Oct 2016, Routledge. 308 p. (European Monographs in Social Psychology)

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Counselling for Alcohol Problems (CAP)

Dabholkar, H., Nadkarni, A., Velleman, R. D. B. & Patel, V., 2014, Porvorim, Goa, India: Sangath. 131 p.

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The PREMIUM Counselling Relationship Manual.

Velleman, R., Chowdhary, N., Dabholkar, H., Dimidjian, S., Fairburn, C. & Patel, V., 2014, Porvorim, Goa, India : Sangath.

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The psychology of attitudes and attitude change

Maio, G. & Haddock, G., 2014, 2nd ed. Sage Publications.

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Child Health Psychology: A Biopsychosocial Perspective

Turner-Cobb, J., 2013, London, U. K.: Sage Publications. 360 p.

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Humanness and dehumanization

Bain, P. G., Vaes, J. & Leyens, J. P., 1 Jan 2013, Taylor and Francis. 356 p.

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A Community Health Approach to the Assessment of Infants and their Parents: The CARE programme.

Translated title of the contribution: Hokenshi josanshi ni yoru kodomo gyakutai yobo kea puroguramu : Nyuyoji to oya no asesumento ni taisuru koshu eiseigakuteki apurochi. Hamilton-Giachritsis, C., Browne, K. D., Douglas, J., Hegarty, J., Ueno, M. (Translator), Yamada, K. (Translator) & Kango, K. E. (Translator), 1 Dec 2012, Japan: Akashishoten.

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cultural theory
critical theory

Issues, debates and approaches in psychology

Fairholm, I., 2012, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. 232 p. (Palgrave Insights in Psychology series)

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Break Free from OCD: Overcoming Obsessive Compulsive Disorder with CBT

Challacombe, F., Salkovskis, P. M. & Oldfield, V. B., 1 Sep 2011, London: Vermilion.

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Counselling for Alcohol Problems (3rd edition)

Velleman, R., 2011, London, U. K.: Sage Publications. 208 p. (Therapy in Practice)

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Counselling Theory and Practice in South Africa

Kustner, C., 2011, 172 p.

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Open Access
South Africa
Analysis of Variance

Emotional Wellbeing Manual

Daniels, J. & Sedgwick-Taylor, A., 2011, Gloucester: 2Gether NHS Foundation Trust.

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Counselling and Helping: Psychology in Action (2nd ed.)

Velleman, R. & Aris, S., 2010, London, U. K.: Wiley-Blackwell. 320 p.

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Health Psychology

Rodham, K., 2010, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. 232 p. (Palgrave Insights in Psychology series)

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Behavioral Medicine
Health Behavior
Health Promotion

Oxford Guide to Metaphors in CBT: Building Cognitive Bridges

Stott, R., Mansell, W., Salkovskis, P. M., Lavender, A. & Cartwright-Hatton, S., 2010, Oxford: Oxford University Press. (Oxford Guides to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)

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Research Methods and Statistics

Walker, I., 2010, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. 272 p. (Palgrave Insights in Psychology series)

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Research Methods

Sex, sexuality and therapeutic practice: A manual for therapists and trainers

Butler, C. A., O'Donovan, A. & Shaw, E., 2010, London: Routledge. 208 p.

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Reproductive Health
Behavioral Medicine
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The psychology of attitudes and attitude change

Maio, G. R. & Haddock, G., 1 Jan 2010, London, U. K.: Sage Publications. 276 p.

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Famiglie sotto Stress: Con-vivere con chi Abusa di Alcol o Droghe

Arcidiacono, C. (ed.), Velleman, R. (ed.), Procentese, F. (ed.) & Albanesi, C. (ed.), 2009, Milan, Italy: Edizioni Unicopli.

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Litterbugs: How to Deal with the Problem of Littering

Lewis, A., Turton, P. & Sweetman, T., Mar 2009, London, UK: Policy Exchange.

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Research with People: Theory, Plans and Practicals

Holt, N. & Walker, I., 2009, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

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human behavior

Critical bodies: Representations, identities and practices of weight and body management

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Psychology and economics
Economic behaviour

Clinical Handbook of Co-existing Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol Problems

Baker, A. (ed.) & Velleman, R. (ed.), Jan 2007, London: Routledge.

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Living with drink: Women who live with problem drinkers

Velleman, R. (ed.), Copello, A. (ed.) & Maslin, J. (ed.), 2007, London: Pearson Education.

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Power, Knowledge and the Academy: The Institutional is Political

Gillies, V. (ed.) & Lucey, H. (ed.), 2007, London: Palgrave Macmillan. 206 p.

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academic career

Psychology for Nurses and the Caring Professions, 3rd ed

Walker, J., Payne, S., Smith, P. & Jarrett, N., Jul 2007, Berkshire: Open University Press.

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Psychology for Nursing and the Caring Professions (3rd Ed)

Walker, J. (ed.), Payne, S. (ed.), Smith, P. (ed.) & Jarrett, N. (ed.), 2007, Maidenhead, U. K.: Open University Press.

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A Community Health Approach to the Assessment of Infants and their Parents: The CARE programme

Browne, K., Douglas, J., Hamilton-Giachritsis, C. & Hegarty, J., Aug 2006, Chichester, U. K.: Wiley. 234 p.

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An annotated bibliography for pain relief in the terminal stages of palliative care

Schofield, P., Smith, P., Clarke, A., Faulkner, M., Ryan, T., Kirshbaum, M., Aveyard, B., Dunham, M., Gell, L., Steel, K. & Keogh, T., 2006, University of Sheffield, School of Nursing and Midwifery.

Research output: Book/ReportBook

By Their Own Young Hand: Deliberate Self-Harm and Suicidal Ideas in Adolescents

Hawton, K., Rodham, K. & Evans, E., 2006, London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

Research output: Book/ReportBook

Changing Outcomes in Psychosis: Collaborative Cases from Users, Carers, and Practitioners

Velleman, R. (ed.), Davis, E. (ed.), Smith, G. (ed.) & Drage, M. (ed.), Dec 2006, Oxford: Blackwell.

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Sibling Identity and Relationships: Sisters and Brothers

Edwards, R., Hadfield, L., Lucey, H. & Mauthner, M., 2006, London: Routledge. 136 p.

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social work

Social Psychology Matters

Hollway, W. (ed.), Lucey, H. (ed.) & Phoenix, A. (ed.), 2006, London: Open University Press. 206 p.

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social psychology
twenty-first century

Coping with Alcohol and Drug Problems: The Experiences of Family Members in Three Contrasting Cultures

Orford, J., Natera, G., Copello, A., Atkinson, C., Tiburcio, M., Velleman, R., Crundall, I., Mora, J., Templeton, L. & Walley, G., 2005, London: Taylor and Francis.

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Scientific and Technological Thinking

Gorman, M. E. (ed.), Tweney, R. D. (ed.), Gooding, D. C. (ed.) & Kincannon, A. P. (ed.), 6 Aug 2004, Psychology Press Ltd. 378 p.

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scientific progress
technological progress
knowledge society

The Handbook of Multisensory Processing

Calvert, G. A., Spence, C. & Stein, B. E., 2004, MIT Press.

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Developmental psychology and you (2nd ed.)

Berryman, J. C., Smythe, P. K., Taylor, A., Lamont, A. & Joiner, R., 2002, Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell.

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developmental psychology
cognitive development
everyday life
gender-specific factors