Research Output

Working paper

Composably secure time-frequency quantum key distribution

Walk, N., Barrett, J. & Nunn, J., 29 Sep 2016, arXiv, p. 1609.09436.

Research output: Working paper

Gigahertz optical memory with up to 20 dB gain via molecular quenching in caesium vapour

Thomas, S., Munns, JHD., Kaczmarek, KT., Qiu, C., Brecht, B., Feizpour, A., Ledingham, PM., Walmsley, IA., Nunn, J. & Saunders, DJ., 2016, arXiv, p. 1610.03743.

Research output: Working paper

Theory of noise suppression in $$$ Lambda$$-type quantum memories by means of a cavity

Nunn, J., Thomas, S., Munns, JHD., Kaczmarek, KT., Qiu, C., Feizpour, A., Poem, E., Brecht, B., Saunders, DJ. & Ledingham, PM., 2016, arXiv, p. 1601.00157.

Research output: Working paper


Polarisation control of optically pumped terahertz lasers

Slavcheva, G. & V. Kavokin, A., 29 Jan 2013, 5 p.

Research output: Working paper