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The Dynamical Ionosphere - A Systems Approach to Ionospheric Irregularity (1st ed.)

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The Circuit Designer's Companion: Fourth Edition

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Design Recipes for FPGAs: Using Verilog and VHDL (2nd Ed.)

Wilson, P., 23 Sep 2015, Elsevier. 369 p.

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Model-Based Engineering for Complex Electronic Systems: Techniques, Methods and Applications

Wilson, P. R. & Mantooth, H. A., 1 Mar 2013, Oxford, U. K.: Newnes. 536 p.

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Circuit Designers Companion

Wilson, P., 2011, Elsevier.

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Design Recipes for FPGAs: Using Verilog and VHDL (Embedded Technology)

Wilson, P., May 2007, Oxford, U. K.: Newnes. (Embedded Technology Series)

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Exploration of main framework of post-emergency rotor angel control and its realisation in real power system

Xue, F., Chen, Z., Wang, H. F. & Dunn, R., 2007, Unkown Publisher. (2007 42nd International Universities Power Engineering Conference, Vols 1-3)

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Sprites, elves and intense lightning discharges

Füllekrug, M., Mareev, E. & Rycroft, M., 2006, Dordrecht, The Netherlands: Springer. 398 p. (Nato Science Series II (Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry))

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Detailed modelling and simulation of UPFC using EMTP

Zhou, X. Y., Wang, H. F. & Aggarwal, R. K., 2005, Unkown Publisher. (Upec 2004: 39th International Universitities Power Engineering Conference, Vols 1-3, Conference Proceedings)

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Microwave Devices, Circuits and Subsystems for Communications Engineering

Glover, I. A., Pennock, S. R. & Shepherd, P. R., 24 Mar 2005, John Wiley and Sons Inc. 531 p.

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The influence of process equipment composition on financial losses due to voltage sags

Gupta, C. P., Milanovic, J. V. & Aung, M. T., 2004, IEEE. (2004 11th International Conference on Harmonics and Quality of Power)

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Development of a digital IF radar transceiver system

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Schumann-Resonanzen in den Magnetfeld-Komponenten

Füllekrug, M., 1994, Göttingen, Germany: Cuvillier Verlag.

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