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Market governance
Economic development
Allocation mechanisms

Handbook on Game Theory and International Environmental Cooperation: Essential Readings

Finus, M. & Caparros, A., 30 Jan 2015, Cheltenham, U. K.: Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd. 992 p. (The International Library of Critical Writings in Economics Series)

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An Introduction to Banking in Slovakia

Lawson, C. & Zimkova, E., 2013, Banska Bystrica, Slovakia: Matej Bel University.

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Gender pay gap in the western Balkan countries: Evidence from Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia

Avlijaš, S., Ivanović, N., Vladisavljević, M. & Vujić, S., 2013, Belgrade: FREN - Foundation for the Advancement of Economics.

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Economics of sustainable tourism

Cerina, F., Markandya, A. & McAleer, M., 2011, Routledge. 192 p.

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Sustainable tourism
Economic development

The economics of sustainable tourism: An overview

Cerina, F., Markandya, A. & McAleer, M., 2011, Routledge. 5 p.

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Economics of information security and privacy

Moore, T. (ed.), Pym, D. (ed.) & Ioannidis, C. (ed.), 2010, New York: Springer. 320 p.

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Microeconomics: A Journey Through Life's Decisions

Cullis, J. G. & Jones, P. R., 2009, Harlow: Pearson.

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family education

Public Finance and Public Choice: Analytical Perspectives. 3rd ed.

Cullis, J. G. & Jones, P. R., 2009, Oxford: Oxford University Press. 560 p.

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Public finance
Public choice
Public economics
Schools of thought

Business Regulation and Public Policy: The Costs and Benefits of Compliance

Hudson, J. (ed.), Nijsen, A. (ed.), Muller, C. (ed.), van Paridon, K. (ed.) & Thurik, R. (ed.), 2008, New York: Springer. (International studies in entrepreneurship)

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Public policy
Impact assessment
Costs and benefits

Water and the Rural Poor: Interventions for Improving Livelihoods in sub-Saharan Africa

Markandya, A., 2008, Rome: FAO.

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Africa South of the Sahara

Geopolitical Exotica: Tibet in Western imagination

Anand, D., 2007, Minnesota, U. S. A.: University of Minnesota Press.

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Umweltökonomie: Arbeits- und Übungsbuch

Finus, M., Endres, A., Bertram, R. & Rundshagen, B., 2007, Stuttgart: Kohlhammer. 176 p.

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Wellbeing in developing countries: from theory to research

Gough, I. (ed.) & McGregor, J. A. (ed.), 2007, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 464 p.

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Green Accounting in Europe: The GARPII Project

Markandya, A. & Tamborra, M. L., 2006, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd.

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Where is the Wealth of Nations: Measuring Capital for the 21st Century

Markandya, A., 2006, Washington D.C.: World Bank.

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The Economics of Corruption

Mishra, A. (ed.), 2005, London: Oxford University Press. 343 p.

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black market
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The Economics of Tourism and Sustainable Development

Lanza, A. (ed.), Markandya, A. (ed.) & Pigliaru, F. (ed.), 2005, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd.

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Age and Health and The Value of A Statistical Life: Evidence from a Contingent Valuation Survey in the UK, France and Italy

Alberini, A., Hunt, A., Krupnick, A., Cropper, M., Simon, N., Markandya, A. & Scarpa, R., 2004, University of Maryland.

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CDM: Sustainable Development Impacts

Olhoff, A., Markandya, A., Halsnaes, K. & Taylor, T., 2004, Denmark: UNEP, UNEP-Risoe Center.

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Contemporary Belarus: Between Democracy and Dictatorship

Korosteleva, E. A., Lawson, C. & Marsh, R. J., 2003, London: Routledge. 256 p.

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National Audit Office feasibility and scoping study: Inheritance tax

Lawson, C. & Godwin, M., 2003, Bath, UK: Centre for Public Economics. 26 p.

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Towards an Environmental Research Agenda: A Third Selection of Papers

Winnett, A. (ed.) & Warhurst, A. (ed.), 2003, Basingstoke, U. K.: Palgrave Macmillan. 234 p.

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Зкономика: окружающей среды и риродных ресуров

Markandya, A., Golub, A., Strukova, E., Mason, P., Savonov, Y. & Hunt, A., 2003, Moscow: Higher School of Economics.

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Climate Change and sustainable Development

Markandya, A. & Halsnaes, K., 2002, London: Earthscan. 291 p.

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Controlling Global Warming: Perspectives from Economics, Game Theory and Public Choice

Böhringer, C. (ed.), Finus, M. (ed.) & Vogt, C. (ed.), 2002, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd. 320 p.

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Global warming
Game theory
Public choice
Interest groups

Economic Impacts

Hunt, A., 2002, Greater London Authority.

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Environmental Economics for Sustainable Growth

Markandya, A., Harou, P., Bellu, L. & Cistulli, V., 2002, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd. 567 p.

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A dictionary of environmental economics

Markandya, A., Mason, P., Perelet, R. & Taylor, T., 2001, London and India: Earthscan.

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Environmental External Costs of Transport

Markandya, A., 2001, Berlin: Springer.

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Game theory
Dynamic games
Coalition formation
Emission reduction

Towards a European System of Environmental Pressure Indices: The Peer Essay Collection

Markandya, A., 2001, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd. 352 p.

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Transport and the Global Environment: Accounting for GHG Reductions in Policy Analysis

Markandya, A., Halsnaes, K. & Saythaye, J., 2001, Paris: UNEP.

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Kooperative Lösungen in der Umweltpolitik: Eine ökonomische Analyse am Beispiel des Schutzes der globalen Umweltressourcen

Finus, M. & Endres, A., 2000, Berlin: Analytica-Verl. (Zeitschrift für angewandte Umweltforschung)

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Zur neuen politischen Ökonomie der Umweltgesetzgebung - Umweltschutzinstrumente im politischen Prozess

Finus, M. & Endres, A., 1996, Berlin: Analytica-Verl. (Zeitschrift für angewandte Umweltforschung)

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Eine institutionalistische Revolution? Zur dogmenhistorischen Bedeutung der modernen Institutionenökonomik

Translated title of the contribution: An Institutional Revolution? On the Importance of Modern Institutional Economics for the History of Economic ThoughtFeldmann, H., 1995, Berlin, Germany: Duncker & Humblot.

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Agricultural sector
Environmental indicators

Der Reisekostenansatz: Darstellung, methodische Probleme und Anwendungsmöglichkeiten

Finus, M., 1992, Giessen: Justus-Liebig-Universität. (Materialien des Zentrums für regionale Entwicklungsforschung der Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen)

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Public Economics

Lawson, C. & Nemec, J., 1992, University of Bratislava: Edicine Stredisko.

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