Flourescent microscope (DMi8) in Hypoxic Cabinet

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      3 W 2.11 University of Bath Claverton Down Bath BA2 7AY

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    Baker-Ruskinn Sci-tive Hypoxic Cabinets: Enviromentaly controled cabinet/incubator, for cell growth and in vitro cell study under hypoxic/anoxic conditions.

    DMi8: Qualitative detection of fluorescently tagged proteins, cellular organels/compartments or chemical substances, in fixed specimens as well as in living cells, tissues or organisms. In combination with the hypoxic chamber, it provides immediate microscopic assesment in hypoxic/anoxic conditions. Finds broad application in Biology, Medicine, Pharmacology


    NameMake: LEICA AND RUSKINN; Model: Leica DMI8
    Acquisition date27/05/17
    NameSci-tivi-dual stem cell investigation total in vitro environment UM-025
    Acquisition date22/07/15


    • Cell analysis
    • Widefield microscope
    • Epifluorescent microscope
    • Hypoxic chamber
    • Hypoxic/anoxic conditions
    • DMi8
    • Polariser
    • Phase contrast
    • DIC/Nomarski


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