CCAF-Chemical characterisation and analysis facility

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    Materials characterisation covers a large range of analyses from the measurement of thermal and mechanical properties to the analysis of porous materials and polymers. This characterisation aims to link the properties of materials with their structure.

    Areas where materials characterisation is useful include:

    ~ analysis of the thermal stability of a material upon heating and identification of the degradation products
    ~ determination of glass transition and melting point of a polymer
    ~ measurement of the molecular weight distribution of a polymer
    ~ determination of the BET surface area of a solid


    Molecular weight distribution
    Melting point
    Porous materials
    Glass transition
    Thermodynamic stability
    Thermodynamic properties
    Mechanical properties


    • Mass spectrometry
    • NMR
    • XRD
    • Material analysis
    • LC-MS
    • flowNMR