This dataset contains information about the results of contextualised performance assessment of shelter around the world. 187 previously deployed shelters (64 Emergency, 75 Transitional and 48 Durable Shelters), from 40 countries were evaluated by the authors using SAM (the Shelter Assessment Matrix), and the designs were collated from various sources. Context-specific design assessment was conducted on each shelter design considering their local, cultural, political and climatic issues. These shelters were constructed between 1945 and 2018. This exercise: (i) shows whether SAM is able to provide a diverse range of scores when analysing real shelters (rather than all shelters obtaining similar scores); (ii) provides the first contextual performance analysis of previously deployed shelters around the world; (iii) generates a repository of scored shelters for those to judge their designs against.
Date made available7 Apr 2021
PublisherUniversity of Bath

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