Interviewing autistic adults: Adaptations to support recall in police, employment and healthcare interviews 2017-2019



The current study tested the efficacy of different prompting techniques to support autistic adults’ recall of specific personal memories. Thirty autistic and 30 typically developing (TD) adults (IQs > 85) were asked to recall specific instances from their past, relevant to CJS, healthcare, and employment interviews. Questions comprised ‘open questions’, ‘semantic prompting’ (where semantic knowledge was used to prompt specific episodic retrieval), and ‘visual-verbal prompting’ (V-VP; a pie-diagram with prompts to recall specific details, e.g., who, what, where, etc). Half the participants received the questions in advance. Consistent with previous research, autistic participants reported memories with reduced specificity. For both groups, V-VP support improved specificity and episodic-relevance, while semantic prompting also aided recall for employment questions (but not health or CJS). Findings offer new practical insight for interviewers to facilitate communication with TD and autistic adults.
Date made available12 Nov 2019
PublisherUK Data Service
Date of data production31 Aug 2017 - 31 Jan 2019
Geographical coverageSouth West of England, United Kingdom

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