ENLITEN focus group data

  • Elizabeth Gabe-Thomas (Creator)
  • Ian Walker (Supervisor)
  • Bas Verplanken (Supervisor)



A series of 5 focus groups and one interview were undertaken in April 2013 in Exeter UK. The participants were tenants and leaseholders of Exeter City Council (ECC) social housing. Participants were recruited by the resident involvement officer at ECC.
The focus groups involved three tasks:
1. A card sort task (see associated card sort dataset record)
2. A discussion about energy consumption in the home
3. A branding exercise where participants were told about plans to run a large monitoring study (see ENLITEN project databases) asked their opinions on various potential aspects of the study. Each focus group was recorded and the audio files were edited so that all relevant information to tasks 1 & 2 (psy1-6), and 3 (rec 1-6) were separated. The information relevant to tasks 1 & 2 was transcribed, however the information relevant to task 3 was thematically analysed directly from the audio files and a draft internal report was created contained this data (ENLITEN branding focus group results). One session was an interview as only one participant turned up. Further details about the focus groups can be found in the focus group materials and interview schedules document attached.
Date made available2015
PublisherUniversity of Bath
Temporal coverageApr 2013

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