ENLITEN card sorting data [for the paper "Householders' Mental Models of Domestic Energy Consumption: Using a Sort-and- Cluster Method to Identify Shared Concepts of Appliance Similarity"]

  • Elizabeth Gabe-Thomas (Creator)
  • Ian Walker (Supervisor)
  • Bas Verplanken (Supervisor)



Two data sets containing the results of two card sorting tasks which aim to reveal mental models of home energy consumption and food items, alongside data sets which detail the participant’s demographic information is stored. Details of the data sets can be found in the card sort documentation file. The data has been written up as a paper and is under review at PLOSone, the submitted manuscript is attached. Further details of the nature of the study can be found in the Instructions and methodology document, details of the briefing, consent and debriefing procedure can be found in the materials documents for each task.
Date made available2015
PublisherUniversity of Bath
Temporal coverage2012 - 2014

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