Early examples of the ionic capital

  • Mark Wilson Jones (Creator)
  • Paul Richens (Creator)
  • Georg Herdt (Creator)



The dataset originated in a study of the early development of the Ionic capital, which was particularly concerned with the relationship between the elongate Cycladic form and the more symmetrical and eventually dominant Ionian. In the course of the study a number of exemplars were surveyed by laser scanning, and reconstructed digitally using a parametric surface modeller. Both the surveyed and the reconstructed forms were prepared in formats suitable for 3D reproduction by rapid prototyping. The exemplars represented include:

1. Naxian sphinx – Delphi Museum;
2. Votive column of Alexitides, Sangri – Naxos Museum 8;
3. Temple at Yria – Naxos Muesum;
4. Votive capital – Paros Museum 775;
5. Votive column of Archilochos – Paros Museum 733;
6. Votive with sphinx – Delos Museum 583;
7. Corner capital – Delos Museum;
8. Votive from Oropos – National Museum Athens 4797;
9. Athena Nike, Athens – British Museum London;
10. Myus – Pergamon Museum, Berlin;
11. Erechtheion, Athens – British Museum London;
12. Propylaea – Athens - in situ.
Date made available2009
PublisherUniversity of Bath

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