Dataset supporting "Neutron diffraction study of indole solvation in deep eutectic systems of choline chloride, malic acid, and water"

  • Oliver Hammond (Stockholm University) (Creator)
  • Ria Atri (Creator)
  • Daniel T Bowron (Creator)
  • Karen Edler (Creator)



This dataset includes neutron diffraction data from samples of indole in choline chloride:malic acid deep eutectic solvent in the presence and absence of water. The data has been processed using the program Gudrun to remove background scattering and instrumental effects, (creating .mint01 files) so it is ready for use in data fitting. The text files contain a header describing the name of the sample, the experimenters, and then three columns: Q (x-axis), differential scattering cross section (y-axis), error in intensity.
Date made available5 May 2022
PublisherUniversity of Bath

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