Dataset for "Zeolite Minilith: A Unique Structured Catalyst for the Methanol to Gasoline Process"

  • Toyin Omojola (University of Warwick) (Creator)
  • Nikolay Cherkasov (Creator)
  • Evgeny Rebrov (Creator)
  • Dmitry Lukyanov (Creator)
  • Semali Perera (Creator)



This dataset contains instruments, materials and analytical methods used to obtain and process data for the article. Structured microchannel H-ZSM-5 catalysts called miniliths were fabricated, characterised using TGA, XRD, EDX, N2 sorption and SEM and tested for the first time for the conversion of methanol to gasoline at 370 C, 3bar and WHSV up to 1170 h^-1. The influence of the bentonite binder was found to be minimal on the methanol to gasoline reaction. The catalytic test results obtained over the zeolite miniliths were compared to zeolite powder of equal ZSM-5 content. The pressure drop over the zeolite powder was found to be 2 orders of magnitude higher than the minilith in accordance with the literature. Reducing the catalyst powder inventory to give similar inlet pressures (3bar) as the minilith gives a higher catalyst effeciency over the minilith.
Date made available27 Jul 2018
PublisherUniversity of Bath
Date of data productionNov 2016 - Mar 2018

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