Data archive for "The OpenFlexure Block Stage: Sub-100 nm fibre alignment with a monolithic plastic flexure stage" by Qingxin Meng, Kerrianne Harrington, Julian Stirling, and Richard Bowman. This zip archive contains the following resources:

- The data collection scripts used to characterise the mechanical performance of the OpenFlexure Block Stage.
- The raw data generated by these scripts in hdf5 format.
- The analysis scripts (iPython notebooks) used to analyse this data.
- PDFs of all figures used in the paper as generated by the analysis script and a number of supplementary figures generated by the script. See comments in the scripts for more details on the figures.
- Design files for the modified OpenFlexure Block Stages that were needed for mechanical testing. The custom attaching hardware, and a custom laser autocollimator used to measure the tilt of the stage. The only design files not included are those for the OpenFlexure Block Stage itself as this is an active project and the design and all history can be found in the project's source code repository:
Date made available9 Jan 2020
PublisherUniversity of Bath

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