Dataset for "Temporal quadratic solitons and their interaction with dispersive waves in Lithium Niobate nano-waveguides"



This dataset includes simulated effective refractive index and dispersion data for two examples of Lithium Niobate nanowaveguides and XFROG spectrogram data from simulated propagation of different nonlinear pulses in those two example waveguides.
The refractive index data was collected by simulating the waveguides in COMSOL multiphysics (5.3a), a commercial eigenmode solver. The dispersion data was produced by processing the refractive index data (as described in the associated publication). The XFROG spectrogram data was produced by simulating the propagation of pulses in the two waveguides using the well known Split-step Fourier method. The method by which the XFROG spectrograms is briefly explained in the associated publication.

The associated publication is open access.
Date made available3 Dec 2019
PublisherUniversity of Bath

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