This dataset includes the results summary and data overview from a lab-scale bioreactor experiment as discussed in the research paper "Selecting fermentation products for food waste valorisation with HRT and OLR as the key operational parameters", published in Waste Management.

The study comprised three sets of operating conditions tested in duplicate reactors fed with food waste. The data comprises a summary on feedstock composition, operating conditions tested, averaged results, product outcome and kinetic study, and microbial community analysis per reactor and per operating condition. The archaeal and bacterial community data includes the final sequences of the operational taxonomic units found and their relative abundance in each sample as determined by 16s rRNA amplicon sequencing, and rarefaction curves. The raw data files have been submitted in the specialized EMBL-EBI database and are available under the accession number PRJEB40478.
Date made available28 Apr 2021
PublisherUniversity of Bath

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