Dataset for "Pressure-induced symmetry changes in body-centred cubic zeolites"



A repository of data used for the article "Pressure-induced symmetry changes in body-centred cubic zeolites". This includes high pressure powder X-ray diffraction data collected at the ID15B beamline at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF). The purpose of this was to study how cubic zeolites, both with and without an occluded organic additive, respond to the stimuli of pressure. From the results, insights are deduced regarding the role of the organic additive in the synthesis of the cubic zeolites studied. Furthermore, it is predicted that pressure-induced symmetry changes are an intrinsic feature for body-centered cubic zeolites, and that non-body-centered cubic zeolites show no such symmetry change.
Date made available24 Jul 2019
PublisherUniversity of Bath

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