Dataset for Petratou, Spencer, Kelsh and Lister 'The MITF paralog tfec is required in neural crest development for fate specification of the iridophore lineage from a multipotent pigment cell progenitor'

  • Kleio Petratou (Creator)
  • James A Lister (Creator)
  • Robert Kelsh (Creator)



The data consist of (1) iridophore counts in WT or tfec mutant embryos at 3 dpf (Fig. 3F); (2) iridophore counts from tfec mutants injected with tfec cDNA construct or uninjected controls (Fig. 3K); (3) iridophore counts from WT embryos injected with various control and tfec-expression plasmids, and uninjected controls (Fig. 3M); (4) melanocyte counts in tfec mutants compared to WT siblings at 30 hpf and 4 dpf (Fig. 4I,L).
Date made available5 Jan 2021
PublisherUniversity of Bath

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