Dataset for "Parameter Reduction and Optimisation for Point Cloud and Occupancy Mapping Algorithms"



In the applications of occupancy mapping, the scene to be explored is normally large and objects are of irregular shapes. In this case, it is difficult to evaluate the performance of a mapping approach since the ground truth can hardly be obtained. This dataset aims to provide small measured scenes with ground truths for evaluation purposes.

Videos are recorded in .svo files. These files can be opened with the tools provided in ZED SDK which can be downloaded at Stereo Labs website ( Images in the videos can be extracted using the API in ZED SDK and the camera parameters can also be accessed by ZED API.

Ground truth files are in .ot format. These files can be viewed by octovis package. To install octovis, run 'sudo apt-get install octovis' in Ubuntu.

Camera trajectories produced by ORB-SLAM and keyframe poses produced by ORB-SLAM are in .txt files. Most text editors can open files of this type.
Date made available14 Jun 2021
PublisherUniversity of Bath
Geographical coverageThe Parade and East Extension Car Park, University of Bath

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