Dataset for "Norm Awareness for Virtual Characters Behaviour: A Socio-Cognitive Approach"

  • Jeehang Lee (Creator)



This dataset comprises video clips and source code accompanying the thesis "Norm Awareness for Virtual Characters Behaviour: A Socio-Cognitive Approach". The thesis proposes a new computational model, Distributed Norm-Aware Agent Architecture (DNA3), for increasing the verisimilitude of the behaviour of virtual characters (in a simulated world such as SecondLife) by incorporating reasoning about social norms. The model integrates a normative framework performing the social reasoning, a cognitive agent carrying out run-time norm-aware deliberation, and a virtual character in charge of perception and realisation of actions.

This dataset includes the Java and C# source code for the Bath-Sensor-Framework (BSF) middleware, and Java code implementing the N-Jason virtual agent, as described in chapter 3 of the thesis. Video clips showing this code in operation, referenced in chapters 6 and 7 of the thesis, are also included.
Date made available8 Jun 2015
PublisherUniversity of Bath

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