Dataset for "Nanoplastics Detected in Commercial Sea Salt"

  • Xuejun Ruan (Creator)
  • Jianpeng Ao (Creator)
  • Robin Jones (Creator)
  • Juan Liu (Creator)
  • Guanjun Xu (Creator)
  • Lifang Xie (Creator)
  • Kejian Li (Creator)
  • Kedong Gong (Creator)
  • Wei Wang (Creator)
  • Ventsislav Valev (Creator)
  • Minbiao Ji (Creator)
  • Liwu Zhang (Creator)



The electric field distributions of the Au-AAO-50 membrane was simulated in Lumerical according to the geometrical measurements obtained from SEM and AFM, (Fig. 1d and Fig. 1e of the manuscript). Electric field distribution data from 1 nm above (z=534nmPlane_E-Field folder) and at the midsection of the conical tapered holes (z=551nmPlane_E-Field folder) of the SERS substrate are included in the zip folder. Also included are the setup parameters and metadata in a text file which describes the material properties fitting (as shown in the .png files) and .stl files which can be opened in any CAD software to view the simulated geometry.
Date made available29 May 2024
PublisherUniversity of Bath

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