Dataset for "Modelling intramuscular drug fate in vitro with tissue-relevant biomimetic hydrogels"



The data covers the two areas addressed in the manuscript text:

1. Rheology of hydrogels formed from bovine type-1 collagen (Col1) with/without hyaluronic acid (HA) supplementation. This data addressed a) what were the viscoelastic properties of Col1 hydrogels and b) whether HA supplementation affected these properties in any way.

2. 96-well plate fluorescence data describing the cumulative release of GFP from the hydrogel environments into the acceptor phase. Analysis of samples taken at defined time points from the SIMI created 24-hr pharmacokinetic profiles, to visualise cumulative release over the experimental time period.
Date made available13 Aug 2022
PublisherUniversity of Bath

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