Dataset for 'Mid-infrared 1 Watt continuous wave hollow-core fiber gas laser source'

  • Fei Yu (Creator)
  • Mengrong Xu (Project Member)
  • Jonathan Knight (Project Leader)



This dataset contains all data and program code underlying the results presented in the paper of 'Mid-infrared 1 Watt continuous wave hollow-core fiber gas laser source'.

In the paper, we report the characteristics of a 1 Watt hollow-core fiber gas laser, emitting continuous-wave in the mid-infrared. Our system is based on an acetylene-filled hollow-core optical fiber, guiding with low losses at both the pump and laser wavelengths and operating in the single-pass ASE regime. By systematic characterization of the pump absorption and output power dependence on gas pressure, fiber length and pump intensity, we determine that the reduction of pump absorption at high pump flux and the degradation of gain performance at high gas pressure necessitate the use of increased gain fiber length for efficient lasing at higher powers. Low fiber attenuation is therefore key to efficient high-power laser operation. We demonstrate 1.1 Watt output power at 3.1 µm wavelength by using a high-power EDFA pump in a single-pass configuration, approximately 400 times higher CW output power than in the ring cavity previously reported.

In the dataset,

1. Figure_1_original_absorption_intensity_strength_from_HITRAN.csv contains the orignal downloaded data from HITRAN database. MATLAB code is to convert the absorption intensity to the spectral transmittance per meter in fig.1.

2. Figure_2_b_EDFA_spectrum.csv contains the measured EDFA output spectrum at maximum amplification to generate fig.2 (b).

3. Figure_2_c_fiber_attenuation.csv contains the attenuations of fiber used in this paper, to generate fig.2 (c).

4. Figure_3_b_on_off_resonance_absorption_spectra.csv contains the transmission spectra across the whole pump spectrum, when on and off resonance measured by OSA at the end of fiber. The incident power is 40 dBm for both conditions.

5. Figure_3_c_side_scattering_slopes.csv contains the measure on and off absorption spectra, in unit of dB at various fiber length positions.

6. Figure_4_a_incident_power_laser_output.csv contains measured incident powers and output powers for various pressure in 15 m fiber length.

7. Figure_4_b_absorbed_power_laser_output.csv contains measured absorbed powers and output powers for various pressure in 15 m fiber length.

8. Figure_5_slope_efficiency_and_threshold.csv contains all data to generate fig.5 (a) and (b), including measured slope efficiencies, corresponding maximum absorbed pump power and absorbed pump threshold power for 15m and 6 m fiber lengths and various pressures.

9. The program to simulate the 1 meter transmission in acetylene gas of 1 mbar is included in the MATLAB script file theoretic_absorption.m.
Date made available2017
PublisherUniversity of Bath
Date of data production2017

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