Dataset for "Membrane extraction with styrene-maleic acid copolymer results in insulin receptor autophosphorylation in the absence of ligand"



The data was collected to establish whether the insulin receptor maintained its native functionality once extracted into polymer nanodiscs using styrene maleic acid (SMA). The data gathered here show the raw .tiff files of the western blots. Differences in protein activity were quantified by comparing changes between total and phospho- antibody detection, using densitometry. Downstream subunits associated with the insulin receptor cascade were also quantified in this way.

.zip file containing the following items;
1. all raw .tiff files gathered from western blots used for quantification. A MS excel spreadsheet is also included to indicate which bands from the experiments were used for each quantification.
2. all raw .tiff files used for representative blots in each figure, with MS Powerpoint document to show annoted versions for these images.
3. READ_ME.txt file to further describe the data present.
4. Excel spreadsheet with raw data values from densitometry analysis from western blots, representative western blots for each experiment, calculations from the densitometry values and statistics associated with these values.
Date made available3 Mar 2022
PublisherUniversity of Bath

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