Dataset for: Exercise-induced amplification of mitogen-stimulated oxidative burst in whole blood is strongly influenced by neutrophil counts during and following exercise

  • Alice Lester (Creator)
  • Gabrielle Vickers (Creator)
  • Laura Macro (Creator)
  • Alex Gudgeon (Creator)
  • Alice Bonham-Carter (Creator)
  • John Campbell (Creator)
  • James Turner (Creator)



This dataset provides raw data from a study that characterized the effect of moderate- or vigorous-intensity exercise on leukocyte counts, using fingertip sampling, and mitogen-stimulated oxidative burst, measured in whole blood with a point-of-care test. In a randomized crossover design, 13 healthy adults (mean ± SD age: 22 ± 2 years; seven male, six female) cycled for 30-min, once at 52 ± 5% V̇O2peak and on another occasion at 74 ± 9% V̇O2peak. Blood was sampled at baseline, immediately post-exercise, and 15- and 60-min post-exercise.
Date made available8 Sept 2021
PublisherUniversity of Bath

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