Dataset for "Energy or Carbon? Exploring the relative size of universal zero carbon and zero energy design spaces"

  • Anna Parkin (Creator)



A new Standard Building Model (SBM) was developed in Matlab to simulate the construction and performance of multiple buildings in multiple global locations. Virtual materials objects, with embodied carbon and energy, and where applicable thermal resistance properties, were combined by SBM to create virtual building objects. These were then assessed under defined conditions (locations, number of occupants, infiltration levels, etc.) to generate SBM cases. The properties of the building objects, and the specifications of the assessment conditions were varied. The overall result was the generation of 24.7 million SBM cases.

The performance of each case was assessed in terms of both net carbon emissions and net energy demand (normalised to the internal floor area).
Date made available27 Nov 2018
PublisherUniversity of Bath
Date of data productionJun 2017

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