Dataset for "‘Double’ Displacement Talbot Lithography: fast, wafer-scale, direct-writing of complex periodic nanopatterns"

  • Pierre Chausse (Creator)
  • Emmanuel Le Boulbar (Creator)
  • Pierre-Marie Coulon (Creator)
  • Philip Shields (Creator)



This study developed a new low-cost nanolithographic tool for creating periodic arrays of complex, nano-motifs, across large areas within minutes. Displacement Talbot Lithography is combined with lateral nanopositioning to enable large-area patterning with the flexibility of a direct-write system. This enables the creation of different periodic patterns in short timescales using a single mask with no mask degradation. The dataset includes images of Matlab models (in .csv format) and SEM experimental pictures of the different experiments realised (discrete lateral illumination, continuous displacements during one illumination).
Date made available18 Oct 2019
PublisherUniversity of Bath
Temporal coverage2017 - 2019

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