Dataset for "Dense Arrays of Nanohelices: Raman Scattering from Achiral Molecules Reveals the Near-field Enhancements at Chiral Metasurfaces"

  • Robin Jones (Creator)
  • Cornelia Miksch (Creator)
  • Hyunuah Kwon (Creator)
  • Coosje Pothoven (Creator)
  • Kristina Rusimova (Creator)
  • Maarten Kamp (Creator)
  • Kedong Gong (Creator)
  • Liwu Zhang (Creator)
  • Tim Batten (Creator)
  • Brian Smith (Creator)
  • Alejandro V. Silhanek (Creator)
  • Peer Fischer (Creator)
  • Daniel Wolverson (Creator)
  • Ventsislav Valev (Creator)



The Raman spectra of crystal violet from the SERS substrates as shown in the manuscript with 532 nm. The data is provided in the form of WiRE files and text versions for ease of access. Where applicable, before and after images from the microscope are included. Also included are extracted Raman peak heights at 1177 cm-1 (crystal violet) before and after fluorescence background removal in a spreadsheet. In addition, the original data and images for the atomic force, transmission electron microscope and scanning electron microscope images from the manuscript are included. The exported electric field distributions from simulations of the SERS substrates are also given. Each data folder contains a Metadata text file with explicit details about the nature, setup parameters and use of the data.
Date made available11 Jan 2023
PublisherUniversity of Bath

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