Continuous Production of Cellulose Microbeads by Rotary Jet Atomization. Data which concerns the production of cellulose microbeads using ionic liquids, co-solvents and jet breakup. This data reports on the continuous fabrication of cellulose microbeads in the size range 20-500 μm with narrow size distribution, via rotary jet atomization. Utilizing Rayleigh breakup as a method of droplet generation, jets of cellulose dissolved in solutions of [EMIm][OAc] and DMSO are expelled from rotating nozzle systems, generating droplets which, when captured in a suitable anti-solvent bath, initiate phase-inversion allowing regeneration of the cellulose into beads. The dataset includes calculations of dimensionless parameters as well as droplet sizes and distributions.
Date made available22 Jul 2022
PublisherUniversity of Bath

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