Dataset for "Comparison of the within-reader and inter-vendor agreement of left ventricular circumferential strains and volume indices derived from cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging"

  • Andrew Cookson (Creator)
  • Doyin Odunmbaku-Mansell (Creator)
  • Katharine Fraser (Creator)
  • Richie Gill (Creator)
  • Ascione Raimondo (Creator)
  • Bruno Domenico (Creator)
  • Evelyn Frank (Contributor)
  • Nathaniel Kelly (Contributor)
  • Bruno Agostinho Hernandez (Contributor)
  • James Fletcher (Contributor)
  • Jonathan Bartlett (Contributor)
  • Eva Sammut (Contributor)
  • Thomas Johnson (Contributor)
  • Amedeo Chiribiri (Contributor)



This dataset contains left ventricle endocardial contour data (and derived quantities) generated as part of a study to test the inter-user and inter-software repeatability of strain and volume measures of cardiac function.

Seven users used two different software packages (ScanIP and OsiriX) to segment 30 short-axis MR images of a porcine heart, and repeated this twice. The same segmentation was also performed automatically using a third software, CVI42. Each instance of the data therefore contains the points that define the endocardial border for each attempt, as well as derived quantities such as circumferential strains and ;eft ventricular volume fractions

Finally, the specific data used to generate the plots, such as Bland-Altman plot, that appear in the paper are also presented.
Date made available15 Dec 2020
PublisherUniversity of Bath
Date of data production4 Jan 2016 - 30 Jun 2020

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