Dataset for "Biological sex and aerobic capacity are key determinants of peak fat oxidation rates during exercise"



The dataset includes demographic data of the participants (n=115) and data from the three trials they participated in. The types of data that were collected during the trials are as follows: Trial A and Trial B followed identical protocols that involved anthropometric measurements, resting metabolic rate, a resting venous blood sample (to look at various plasma metabolite and hormone concentrations) and the completion of a graded exercise test to determine PFO and FATMAX by indirect calorimetry; at Trial C, body composition was assessed (via a dual energy x-ray absorptiometry scan) and optional adipose tissue and/or skeletal muscle biopsies were obtained (Biopsy data not included). All trials were completed in an overnight fasted-state.
Date made available11 Dec 2020
PublisherUniversity of Bath
Date of data production8 Jan 2018 - 28 May 2019

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