Dataset for "Augmented screwdrivers can increase the performance of orthopaedic surgeons compared with use of normal screwdrivers"

  • James Fletcher (Creator)
  • Verena Neumann (Creator)
  • Juan Silva-Henao (Creator)
  • Abigail Burdon (Creator)
  • Karen Mys (Creator)
  • Vasiliki Panagiotopoulou (Creator)
  • Boyko Gueorguiev (Creator)
  • R. Geoff Richards (Creator)
  • Michael Whitehouse (Creator)
  • Ezio Preatoni (Creator)
  • Richie Gill (Creator)



This dataset presents the screw tightness achieved for each screw insertion with either a normal or augmented screwdriver, presented as a raw torque and as a percentage of the stripping torque. The reported confidence in the purchase of each screw is included in the dataset.
Date made available22 Nov 2022
PublisherUniversity of Bath

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