Dataset for "Asymmetric Backward Peaking Radiation Pattern from a Relativistic Particle Accelerated by Lightning Leader Tip Electric Field"



The purpose of the data is to mathematically model radiation intensity and patterns around a single charged relativistic/non-relativistic particle (electron) specifically for the Bremsstrahlung process where the particle is assumed to be rotating in anti-clockwise direction. The dataset consists of four separate Maple worksheets. The first one models the Bremsstrahlung particle trajectory. The second one models particle velocity from the leader tip electric field that accelerates particles to relativistic speeds. The third and fourth are worksheets that model the radiation patterns of the Bremsstrahlung process around a charged relativistic/non-relativistic particle and it incorporates all the information used in first and second Maple worksheets about particle trajectory and the leader tip electric field, and hence the particle velocity arising from the electric field.
Date made available19 May 2021
PublisherUniversity of Bath

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