Dataset for "All-fibre wavefront sensor"



We have developed a tip-tilt wavefront sensor based on a tapered three-core optical fibre. In this device, a coupled region at the sensing tip of the fibre converts phase information from an incoming wavefront into intensity information within each of the cores. The sensor uses minimal information to infer tip-tilt and is compatible with remote detector arrays, making it highly relevant for use in ground-based astronomical telescopes. This repository contains three sets of 49 near-field images, which capture the response of our all-fibre wavefront sensor to incoming wavefronts of changing tip/tilt. We have included an analysis/plotting script (in Matlab) to evaluate the centroid positions from the acquired images and plot these alongside analytical values. These files comprise the complete set of experimental results presented in "All-fibre wavefront sensor".
Date made available13 Jun 2022
PublisherUniversity of Bath

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