Dataset for "Adjusting organic load as a strategy to direct single-stage food waste fermentation from anaerobic digestion to chain elongation"

  • Vicky De Groof (Creator)
  • Marta Coma Bech (Creator)
  • David Leak (Creator)
  • Tom Arnot (Creator)
  • Ana Lanham (Creator)



This dataset includes the results summary from a lab-scale bioreactor experiment as discussed in the research paper with the same name, published at Processes MDPI (De Groof, V.; Coma, M.; Arnot, T.C.; Leak, D.J.; Lanham, A.B. Adjusting Organic Load as a Strategy to Direct Single-Stage Food Waste Fermentation from Anaerobic Digestion to Chain Elongation. Processes 2020, 8, 1487.).

The study comprised two operational phases of duplicate reactors fed with food waste, each set to target a different product. The data comprises a summary on feedstock composition, microbial community analysis and operational conditions and product outcome per operational phase. The archaeal and bacterial community data includes the final sequences of the operational taxonomic units found and their relative abundance in each sample as determined by 16s rRNA amplicon sequencing. The raw data files have been submitted in the specialized EMBL-EBI database and are available under the accession number PRJEB39281.
Date made available27 Nov 2020
PublisherUniversity of Bath

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