Dataset for "ACute3D: A compact, cost-effective, 3D printed laser autocollimator"



This data archive is for the Acute3D, a 3D printed, open source, laser autocollimator. The hardware design is provided in the form of parametric CAD files to make the autocollimator convenient to customise and integrate into larger instruments. Assembly instructions on building the Acute3D can be found alongside the hardware design. The software that drives the autocollimator is provided in the form of Python scripts to allow immediate use of the device and data replication.

The performance of the autocollimator was characterised through a series of experiments. This archive contains the data and analysis Jupyter notebook for all experiments performed in this project. The code for data collection is embedded in the software. A folder of example frames captured by the autocollimator during operation is also provided.
Date made available13 May 2022
PublisherUniversity of Bath

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