This dataset contains freely-available raw data in support of the named article (10.1039/C7TA02078C), including data from powder X-Ray diffraction, magnetometry measurements, Rama spectroscopy, wide-angle X-Ray scattering performed at the I22 beamline of Diamond Light Source, and photoelectrochemical measurements.
Date made available5 Jun 2017
PublisherUniversity of Bath
Date of data production1 Oct 2016 - 3 Mar 2017

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Hammond, O. (Creator), Edler, K. (Creator), Eslava Fernandez, S. (Creator) (5 Jun 2017). Data supporting: "Microwave-assisted deep eutectic-solvothermal preparation of iron oxide nanoparticles for photoelectrochemical solar water splitting". University of Bath. 10.15125/BATH-00376